We've helped over 13,400 people beat their insomnia with CBT-I

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Beat Your Insomnia
With CBT-I

Tired from your insomnia? Learn how CBT-I will help you overcome your insomnia though our clinically-proven and award-winning insomnia solution.

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No sleeping pills

CBT-I Sleep will help fix your insomnia using the latest techniques in cognitive and behavioral therapy for insomnia.

Beat insomnia fast

Use CBT and sleep to beat your insomnia in just two weeks with only 10 minutes a day with Sleep Reset.

Don’t face insomnia alone

Receive action plans personalized by an expert to eliminate sleepless nights and achieve deeper sleep

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Answer questions about your sleep to identify root causes of your insomnia.

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Get full access to your personalized sleep program with a dedicated sleep expert to support your journey.

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Commit ten minutes a day for a long term solution to your sleep issues without the use of sleeping pills.

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We've helped over 13,400 people beat their insomnia with CBT-I

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