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At Sleep Reset, our mission is  to provide a personalized, lifelong solution to better sleep without the need for pills. In collaboration with leading experts from top sleep clinics and universities, we are committed to delivering a convenient and effective digital solution.

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People have often tried a lot of sleep hygiene strategies to sleep better. These usually don’t work on their own because sleep is impacted by many challenges in our daily lives, such as stress or anxiety.

Sleep Reset has demonstrated to be an effective alternative for addressing insomnia symptoms and is especially valuable for those who prefer to avoid sedative medications or other hypnotic agents for sleep.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve helped over 20,000 people improve their sleep without medications and more than 500 practitioners today recommend Sleep Reset to their patients.

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1.5 hrs

more sleep every night


less time awake in the night


less time to fall asleep


less awakenings in the night

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