Help your patients today with their insomnia symptoms.

Sleep Reset is an immediately accessible CBT-I-based sleep coaching program for your patients
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"The first & only digital sleep solution clinically proven to increase sleep by more than an hour."

- Dr. Michael Grandner, President of the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine

Read our peer-reviewed paper in Frontiers of Sleep and abstracts from SLEEP 2023

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Why Sleep Doctors Recommend Sleep Reset


Our peer-reviewed clinical data demonstrates that 75% of Sleep Reset members improve their sleep.

Members gain an hour and a half more sleep each night, with 53% less time needed to fall asleep, and 41% less time awake in the night.

No pills & sustainable results

No grogginess, dependency, or long-term health risks.

About half of our members who take sleep medications stop taking them by the end of the program.


Uses evidence-based strategies from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), recommended by the American College of Physicians and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine as the gold standard insomnia treatment.

Sleep coaches

Your patients will get daily accountability & support from their sleep coaches via text message.

Available today from anywhere

Immediately accessible. No wait lists.

Initial results in two weeks

Members report initial improvement in their sleep within the first two weeks.

How Does Sleep Reset Work?

Sleep Reset is an 8-week sleep coaching program designed to help improve insomnia symptoms and overcome sleep anxiety.

In-depth sleep

Designed by leading sleep experts to uncover the root causes of insomnia and sleeplessness.

Weekly action plan

Personalized to address  root causes, using evidence-based strategies such as cognitive restructuring and behavior change techniques.

Access to a trained
sleep coach

Dedicated sleep coach via daily text to provide accountability, support, and guidance.

A convenient
mobile program

With a sleep science curriculum, sleep logging, progress tracking tools, and a library of meditations and mindfulness exercises.

How to Recommend Sleep Reset to Your Patients

  1. You can direct your patients to

  2. Include Sleep Reset on the list of resources on your website or PDF that you send to your patients

  3. If you’d like to receive a PDF or physical flyers for you to distribute to your patients, email us at

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Our Scientific Advisory Board

We’ve worked with top sleep experts from leading sleep clinics and universities to design our evidence-based program.

Dr. Michael Grandner, PhD
Lead Scientific Advisor

Director of Sleep & Health Research Program, University of Arizona

Dr. Suzanne Gorovoy, PhD
Scientific Advisor

Postdoctoral Researcher in Behavioral Sleep Medicine, University of Arizona

Dr. Sam Domingo, PsyD, BDSM
Clinical Content Lead

Licensed Clinical Psychologist Board Certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine, with clinical training completed at Yale University School of Medicine and Cleveland Clinic

What Our Members Say

4.8 rating with over 1,000 reviews

I’m in my 3rd week now and am sleeping through the night. I do realize that that phrase usually applies to 3 month old infants. Still, it’s true.

Jessica Jerez

I was at rock bottom, sleeping 2 - 3 hours a night. I was exhausted. I now sleep six-plus hours a night on average. I understand why I wasn't sleeping and how to change my habits to get better sleep.  The best part is no sleeping pills, patches, or drinks.  I was very skeptical but desperate, so I tried it, and my life will forever be better.

Monica Jones

I was desperate to get good sleep, but also really skeptical that this would actually work. My coach and the lessons really helped me get the best sleep ever, even while I was pregnant and postpartum! This program is worth every penny!

Susan Robens

Help your patients today with their insomnia symptoms.

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