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Sleep Reset coaches help you transform your sleep. Through personalized support, daily check-ins, a customized program and goal setting, our coaches provide the guidance you need for better sleep.

Trust your sleep coach to empower you in making lasting changes for better sleep.

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Coaching at Sleep Reset

Our coaches are a team of behavioral health and wellness professionals with 30+ years of coaching experience, focusing on sleep health.

Professional Experience

Our coaches have a minimum of 3 years of professional health coaching experience working extensively with individuals on sleep-related issues.

Relevant Certifications

All coaches possess degrees in health and wellness or psychology, in addition to sleep coaching certifications.

Science-Backed Training

Sleep Reset coaches have 40+ hours of comprehensive onboarding training and participate in over 200 hours of continued training annually.

Access to Sleep Experts

Our coaches work with sleep experts from leading sleep clinics and universities to stay on top of best practices around sleep.

Accountability and Support

Sleep Reset coaches serve as an accountability partner and offer ongoing support during the process. This may include weekly check-ins and adjusting plans based on your feedback.

Knowledge for Personalization

Our coaches possess the knowledge to identify specific behaviors or habits that may be interfering with your sleep and develop a sleep plan that is personalized to your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more? Reach out at help@thesleepreset.com

What certifications do your coaches have?


Many Sleep Reset coaches are National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC), and other certifications include: FMCHS (Functional MedMedicine Certified Health Coach), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Precision Nutrition Sleep, Stress Management and Recovery Certification, International Coaching Federation (ICF), and Precision Nutrition.

How much previous experience  do your coaches have?


Sleep Reset Coaches have between 5 and 20 years of previous coaching experience and an average of 2800 members coached throughout their coaching experience.

Will I get to work with a sleep coach?


As part of the program, you will be paired with a Sleep Reset Coach who will provide weekly goal-setting, accountability check-ins, and support through our messaging platform. Sleep Reset Coaches are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

How are coaches trained?


Once Sleep Reset coaches join our team, they are trained though our science-backed Sleep Reset Coaching Academy designed by expert sleep doctors from leading sleep clinics and universities: Dr. Michael Grandner, Dr. Samantha Domingo, and Dr. Suzanne Gorovoy.