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December 29, 2023

Promoting Restful Nights: A Comprehensive Sleep Program for Employers

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Sleep Reset recently announced the launch of our Employers Program. This initiative, aimed at tackling the widespread issue of sleep health in the workplace, is designed to equip organizations, particularly those within the healthcare industry, with the necessary tools and resources to prioritize their employees’ well-being.

Insomnia is currently the most widespread sleep disorder in the United States, with a concerning 30-40% of Americans experiencing symptoms. This issue is particularly acute within the healthcare sector, where high-stress conditions and demanding shift schedules result in over 70% of healthcare workers reporting insomnia symptoms today. Recent surveys disclose that the average healthcare worker sleeps 5.9 hours per night. The subsequent cognitive impairment, motor skill decline, and decrease in motivation underscore the urgent need for a solution.

For employers, the repercussions of sleep deprivation go far beyond having fatigued employees. Sleep-deprived healthcare professionals face an increased risk of mistakes and accidents, leading to a shocking 97% surge in medical errors, and the widespread burnout among healthcare workers has resulted in a 54% spike in turnover rates. From a financial perspective, workers’ sleep issues can lead to increased malpractice claims due to sleep-deprived medical errors. Employee turnover, attributed to burnout, incurs costs equivalent to 6-9 months of the departing employee’s salary. The effects of poor sleep extend to increased absenteeism, by approximately 10 extra days, and productivity loss as sleep-deprived employees take, on average, 14% more time to complete tasks.

Sleep Reset’s Employers Program offers an effective solution for employers to significantly decrease costs associated with mistakes and health issues worsened by poor sleep. By implementing evidence-based strategies employed by Sleep Reset, organizations can proactively tackle the challenges posed by sleep deprivation, leading to a healthier and more productive workforce.

In a recent peer-reviewed study, sleep doctors found that Sleep Reset members increased their total sleep time by an average of 85 minutes. In addition, they took 53% less time to fall asleep and experienced half less awakenings at night. Yunha Kim, Founder and CEO of Sleep Reset, highlights the importance of quality sleep in the workplace. "Our Employers Program is a strategic initiative designed to empower organizations to prioritize the sleep health of their teams. By doing so, they can mitigate the risks and healthcare costs associated with sleep deprivation, leading to a safer, more productive work environment."

Ready to transform your organization’s sleep culture? Dive into Sleep Reset’s Employers Program today and empower your team to thrive!