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January 27, 2023

What Is The 8-Week Sleep Reset Program?

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Sleep Reset is a 8-week program designed to help you learn and practice habits that are proven to improve your sleep and reduce stress and anxiety tied to sleep issues. Think of us as a digital sleep clinic on your phone - you’ll receive daily lessons with the most effective methods from top-tier sleep clinics, and educational exercises to identify and adjust behavioral patterns that are essential for improving your sleep quality.

Our program has been developed in conjunction with sleep medicine experts for long-term results. Here’s a brief overview of the topics you’ll learn:

Module 1 - Getting Started with Sleep Reset: Evaluating root causes of your sleep issues, introducing you to cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) fundamentals, and getting started with sleep compression

Module 2 - Your Mind-Body Reset: Reframing how you think about your sleep to promote a healthier connection between your mind and your body

Module 3 - Your Morning Reset: Sharing tips, suggestions, and habits that help you start the day no matter how tough the night before was

Module 4 - Your Nighttime Reset: Designing a winddown routine to relax your mind and body for the evening and increase your chance of better sleep

Module 5 - Your Bedroom Reset: Understanding how to optimize your bed and bedroom to improve your sleep hygiene

Module 6 - Habit Reset: Managing your daytime schedule and activities to gear yourself up for a night of good sleep

Module 7 - Mindful Reset: Practicing mindfulness techniques to reduce anxiety and reinforce a positive relationship to sleep

Module 8 - Science Reset: Busting myths on the science of sleep and insomnia to create healthy perceptions on what it means to sleep “normally”

Module 9 - Special Reset: Addressing the ways your sleep is impacted in special situations, such as while traveling, and how to best mitigate disruptions

Module 10 - Review Your Reset: Going over what you’ve learned in the program to hammer home foundational knowledge, techniques, and habits for sleep

Module 11 - Reset for the Future: Celebrating your success, and preparing you to manage your sleep no matter what life throws at you

Why Choose Sleep Reset

Sleep Reset isn't just another one-size-fits-all “program” that suggests all the same tips you've already heard. We’re a comprehensive program focused on sleep. During the program, we’ll collect data to help you track your progress and sleep patterns over time. You’ll also have access to a dedicated sleep coach who will provide one-on-one support to help you implement what you learn from the program into your daily practice. Taken together we’ll help you achieve your sleep goals in 8 weeks.

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