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Sleep Reset Review: Discover Shannon Sedwick's Member Spotlight Journey

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August 20, 2023

Sleep Reset Review: Member Spotlight Series with Shannon Sedwick

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Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining our physical and mental well-being. However, modern life's high stress levels and busy schedules often lead to sleep-related challenges. Surprisingly, more than a third of the US population faces issues with inadequate or poor sleep, adversely impacting their overall health.

Sleep Reset is a personalized sleep program backed by the latest in sleep science, not dependent on pills. Our at-home program will help you find out why you're not sleeping well and overcome sleep anxiety, so you can sleep deeply through the night without pills or grogginess. 

Data shows that 75% of Sleep Reset members improve their sleep, gaining on average one and a half more hours of sleep each night, spending 41% less time awake mid-sleep, and needing 53% less time to fall asleep.

How Does Sleep Reset Work? 

Sleep Reset offers a personalized sleep program that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) based strategies and text-based coaching personalized to an individual’s sleep goals and lifestyle. Sleep Reset's coaches provide daily support, which is necessary to bring about lasting behavioral changes, making it unique compared to other CBTi programs.

Sleep Reset Member Review - Shannon Sedwick 

Meet Shannon, who struggled with sleep problems for years. After long, stressful days, unwinding and falling asleep seemed impossible. Her racing mind and work-related stress caused her to wake up multiple times during the night—3 to 5 times, to be precise. To cope, Shannon became dependent on sleeping pills. 

When she discovered Sleep Reset, it felt like a personalized journey just for her. Her sleep coach was fantastic—motivating and supportive. Within a few weeks, she started seeing results. What Shannon found most helpful was the program's incremental approach, offering valuable bits of information. It didn't overwhelm her, and she learned one thing at a time. Sleep Reset made her realize she wasn't alone and personalized the program to her needs, ultimately helping her overcome her sleep issues.

Start Sleeping Better With Sleep Reset Today!

To get started with Sleep Reset, all you need to do is take our sleep quiz! This will allow us to identify some of your key issues. After your quiz, you can choose to be assigned your own sleep coach and get our dedicated sleep app.

Your sleep coach and our program will give you the tools you need to get better sleep and feel your best!